Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So, I caved....mea culpa, mea culpa....you may have noticed the google ad bar at the top of the Maine Foodie page here. It essentially crawls through my posts and adds relavent ads to the bar in hopes that readers will click and click and click some more. There are actually some very interesting recipes and other foodie related ads...I tell you this because when you click on one of the four ads up there and then click on any of the content from that ad, I get a tiny amount of cash...the more you click, the fuller my piggy bank becomes.
For instance, someone clicked on the content yesterday and I received 7 cents. wooo hooooo
Now, if all 49 people who visited the site yesterday clicked on, I could potentially realize...hmmm, lemme get the calculator out....$3.43 cents. not too shabby for the foodster here...In a few years I could have enough cash to dine at the Edge in Lincolnville but not drink!

So click away up there..do it for the foodster.

P. S. I am still trying to come up with something yummy and cold, or at least room temp to serve to the 200 partygoers for the "Haute for Hospice" show. Perhaps just a ham.....mmmmm.



Karla said...

oi! You may have put Google's ADbar up, but they don't seem to know you, which is a cryin shame.

I found a post about you on the Chowhound's board, while cruising for my daily "Maine fix"..luckily you posted later with the link.

My husband and I have been wanting to move to Maine for at least 10 years now. Finally we both are "work from home" people, so we're starting to look at houses around Belfast. We're so excited we can barely stand ourselves.

Well..back to reading your Blog..poke Google with a stick and get listed in the search engine!

seth said...

If you put quotes around "maine Foodie" like so, I come up fourth on google.

There are some great houses in the area, but you have to decide whether to live in town or out in the hinterlands, 'cause the experience is completely different. There is a 10 acre farm for sale in Northport for something like $286,000. Apparently, it has views of the bay too.