Monday, March 20, 2006

I made suprisingly good pork chops last night. Didn't think they would taste good at all since I was SOOOOO not into cooking. All I wanted to do was defrost and microwave something (I forgot that we almost never buy stuff that cooks this easily) So, I trimmed the chops, and pan-seared them in olive oil that I seasoned with sea salt, fresh pepper and cayanne. then added soy sauce and port, and a bit of powdered garlic. I kept adding a bit of water to the pan when the juices started running low and I think this helped keep the pork really moist. they were done cooking in around 10 minutes, and I kept turning the chops in the pan after they were seared because I think this also keeps them moist.
Served with buttered peas for lack of any imagination on my part.


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