Monday, March 20, 2006

Thank you Cheryl for reminding me to blog about the reopened 3Tides. Since I did tell David that the newly stripped and waxed bar was blogworthy, I should mention it. We went down to 3Tides on Friday to celebrate signing and registering as Domestic Partners in Maine. I kept filling out the forms and signing them without a notary present, so we kept putting the actual Registering part off.
We wanted to get to the bar early to hang and chat with David and Sara, but alas, we didn't get there until 7 or so, by which time the bar was packed!!

All the tables had been reserved, so we stood and chatted with friends and hovered over our neighbors Deb and Laura at the bar until they left so we could have their seats. The bar top looked great. David had spent the previous week stripping it down and getting all the history out of it before smoothing it down and waxing it. I was really impressed by how clean it looked and how silky smooth the bartop was. David said that he will have to clean and wax it now about once a month, a small price to pay for the fantastic new look and feel of it. Of course he also cleans it every night as well, I know what a stickler David and Sarah are for cleanliness.

Dinner was great, the quesadilla was perfectly packed with goodies and Greg's new regular of tomato, basil and mozzerella topped with chicken and bacon on bread (his own creation) was great too.


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david carlson said...


thanks for the kudos on the stripped bar top. I would like you and your readers to know that I will have to wax the bar once a month. BUT, I clean it daily, not once a month.