Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Last night after going to the fridge about 6 times to see if something good to eat magically appeared while I was away, I decided to start with rice for dinner. I took a japonica mix that I got from the Coop in Belfast and sauteed it in olive oil, cayanne, salt and pepper, added water and let it cook for a while, added a can of black beans with the juice and let that cook for awhile, then added frozen squash and lima beans and came out with goop for dinner! It was really good rolled up in a tortilla. MMMM, just goes to show that you can make something good from nothing in the cupboard.

Has anyone noticed that Hannaford in Belfast has a sushi bar now? Kewl, if you're a sushi-type person.



Anonymous said...


Being in the know, as my dad works for Hannaford, the sushi bar is an addition brought on by Hannaford's expansion in Massachusetts with the purchase of Victory Supermarkets. I finally have Hannaford down here (Stop and Shop and Shaw's have always seemed dingy and lack good produce) and you all finally have sushi up there, a win all around.

- Ken

Victor said...

Hannaford seems to be adding sushi in many locations. I noticed it in Concord, NH the other day. What about quality? Has anyone tried it yet?