Monday, June 05, 2006

We were in Waterville over the weekend prowling Marden's for small windows for our impending new shed in the backyard. We've been increasingly disappointed at the offerings at the "new and improved" Marden's in Waterville....I kind of liked racing around to the four different locations whenever we went there. We also visited Home-a-Depot to take a look at their sheds and get ideas for building ours. I must say, Waterville has changed a lot in the 17 years since I attended Colby. There are a lot of chain places that weren't there before. Waterville has really become a chore-type destination for central Maine. I digress...we were weak with hunger from shopping and not buying a thing and so decided to cruise into the first place we saw, which happened to be a Quisnos Sub place. I've never been to a Quisnos before and was delighted by the offerings. I can imagine that they do a bang up business when school is in session. I noticed a young man with a Colby class of '09 shirt on and thought of telling him that I graduated in '89, but I noticed what he ordered and figured he must be stoned and would freak out at this intrusion into his personal space, so I held my tongue.
Greg and I split a beef tenderloin sandwich on a whole wheat sub roll with chedder cheese and a peppercorn mayo that was really good. At Quisnos, they broil the sandwiches, so the bread is nice and toasty and the cheese is melted, a very nice touch.
I couldn't believe it when we saw another Quisnos in Waterville on the way out of town. What is this world coming to?


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