Sunday, August 26, 2007

3Tides did an excellent lobster bake for us for Greg's birthday, complete with Tempo the clown and a DJ. I've since had lots of people call me to say that it was the best lobster they had ever had and that the smokiness of the seaweed lended a great taste to the meat of the lobster. (for those who don't know, the lobsters and potatos, corn and eggs, sometimes steamers are layered in seaweed and then a fire is set below the seaweed which smokes everything.)

We had a few lobsters left over so we picked the meat the next day and made lobster quesadillas for lunch. I sauteed celery, red and orange peppers and onions together in butter, added a bit of garlic power, salt and pepper to taste and then added the cut up lobster meat at the end. Then I put the mixture onto flour tortilla shells, sprinkled liberally with cheese, and grilled until crispy.

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