Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We were in town today and decided to walk around and find something to eat. I noticed that Zoe's had moved from its very hidden spot in the back of a row of buildings to a spot across the street from the Colonial Theater, where there once was a wellness center. We walked in to see what there was on offer and I immediately wanted to leave. I don't know how this place intends to stay open, because for a coffee shop / bakery, it has no soul. I am not invited in to stay by the interior. The baked goods are arranged on plates in a haphazard manner and there are no covers on any of them. None of the baked goods spoke to me and impressed me and made me want to buy them, so I didn't. We ended up leaving very fast. I do hope this is just a case of working the kinks out. As is, come winter, this will not be a cozy place to come sip coffee and write the next great love story. The guy behind the counter was really friendly though, even though you cannot see him until you are deep into the place as the server station is behind a wall.

We next popped into Bay Wraps new space. Finally, I thought, another store front restaurant. We walked in to a pretty empty space with about 4-5 tables, 2 booths and an uncozy looking "living area" with leather couch and chair from Mardens. All it is is another coffee shop with some muffins at the counter. For wraps, one still has to walk through to the back and order, wait and then bring your own wrap upfront to eat. The space has HUGE potential for charm, but it is dark and there really isn't a well designed interior.
Charlie makes great wraps, but they always just miss in taste. It was a nice change of pace for lunch, and one gets ginormous portions, but work out the space and make it into someplace where people actually feel comfortable.


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