Saturday, September 01, 2007

I have a lot of reviews to catch up on. We've been out to lots of places, including some old stomping grounds like the Waterfront in Camden. We revisited the Whale's Tooth Pub down in Lincolnville Beach the other night. We haven't been there in almost four years because the food was always so terrible. We went with a friend who said that 15 years or so ago when the pub opened up, it was actually really great with fresh seafood and really good food. So we decided to go back. The place was packed on a Wednesday night. Its an interesting location cause its about as north as Camdenites will go for food at night and its close enough for Northport renters to visit. We always lament the food there, because the atmosphere is so great in the bar room. We love the fireplace in the winter.
We were pretty well sated with cheese and crackers by the time we got there and ordered drinks. My vodka and cranberry was served in a stemmed shot glass that reminded us all of a shirley temple. Greg says that the fish and chips there are his new favorite...totally crispy on the outside and light and flaky on the inside. Our friend had eggplant parmesan which she said was really was a ton of food to eat. I had the chicken tender dinner which was also crispy, but dry in the middle and not something I would order again. But I had really nice sauteed vegetables that were fresh rather than bagged like they were last time we went.
I think we'll go back here, because we need a local place to take the place of Willy World.


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Kim said...

We'll go with you and Greg!
Not because we love the food, but because we too enjoy the atmosphere in the off season months--The fireplace, the local flavor (talking customers here,)and Wes grew up at The Whale's Tooth having lived just over a mile away. That's were he learned to order his meals without ANY green stuff on his plate. We seemed to stop going when they took Chocolate Mousse off the menu!

Hugs, Kim