Monday, September 10, 2007

We had dinner at the Waterfront in Camden a few weeks ago. The Waterfront used to be one of our favorite places to go take people to eat, my dad loves it; Greg's dad loves it, so we couldn't go wrong there, right???
We were a bit disappointed. My meal was a 50/ 50 split between really good and really awful. I had the roasted pear salad which should have just been my was awesome and at $12.00, a great value. The salad was HUGE and had roasted pears instead of raw, so it tasted a bit heartier than the salads you get with raw pears. The raspberry vinegrette was perfect, not too much, but just enough to add the perfect flavor to the greens, goat cheese, pear and pine nuts. Very delicious. We were guests for dinner and so I didn't want to order a steak for over $20 bucks, so I ordered the chicken alfredo...BIG mistake. You know a dish is the pits when you can't put enough salt on it to bring out ANY flavor. I left most of it uneaten.
I heard the crabcakes were soft and not great and Greg said the Fisherman's platter was filled with filler seafood and not terrific the way it used to be.

I love the atmosphere of the Waterfront, it is pretty condusive to being cozy and watching the boats, but we were shoved over in a corner table (there were 7 of us with a baby) and so we didn't get the full effect. I won't condemn the place yet cause we like it so more try and thats it though.


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