Friday, October 26, 2007

Hey All: I'm a bit late with this post, but Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. has produced their first brew, Tug Pale Ale. Its available at 3Tides. Go check it out and report back. I liked it, and I don't even like beer.

Lotsa people have dropped food off in the last few weeks for us to try and we are very fat and appreciative. Kim, I LOVED the chicken stew and those lemon ricotta cookies didn't last very long. Brian at the Edge gave Greg and fantastic soup to bring home to me: cider turnip and bacon soup. It was so good, I had it for breakfast.

Haven't had much time to cook these days. We did order out from Seng Thai on our way home from the museum yesterday. It was our first time ordering out from there and the food is still just as good. We had a 4 star hot green curry, which I have been thinking about all week and a beef and broccoli with cashews. The curry rocked!

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Kim said...

Congratulations Marshall Wharf on a fine, fine brew! We've had TUG PALE ALE a few times now and it gets better and better each sip...whether drinking from "the boot" or a short, it's definitely our new fall favorite!

So happy you enjoyed the Italian Stew and the Lemon Ricotta Glazed...both are also our new fall favorites---and of course, they too would be fantastic served alongside a tall glass of TUG PALE ALE!