Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A reader emailed me a link to The Smitten Kitchen. Now I have blog envy. Her photos and tales of woe and wonder in the kitchen are great. Apparently, Martha thinks its a cute web site.
If I only had the patience to do the same, I might have a steady readership! I think I started out on the right foot, but I always forget to photograph the things I am making or to even photograph them in progress. Perhaps the key is to write my tales out in word and then post them, rather than writing them out directly to the template. Do you want my recipes? I suppose I should get back into posting those too. Sigh...my kingdom for a life assistant, or at least a secretary!

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Cheryl, the jungian Knitter said...

Recipes would be great. I think though that what I enjoy most is when you write about local restaurants. I know that would make for a pretty sparse blog, but I do hope you continue with your reviews. I'd kill for some halfway decent Chinese food!