Monday, June 11, 2007

After a screening of this incredible movie made by a fourthe grade class and their teacher and worked on (as Director of cinematography) by my 13 year old friend Wes, we had a post screening dinner at the Edge in Lincolnville. We've been to the Edge several times, but this was the first time for Sunday Pizza night. We sat outside for cocktails and had a wonderful time gazing at the water and watching the boats. The outside of the restaurant is terraced down to the bay and it is just lovely. We sat on the slate terrace, but apparently one can do down to "the edge" and have your drinks brought to you while you lounge in chairs down there...what a great concept!

We were ushered inside by our sexy waiter and had a big table for the eight of us waiting. The hostess told us that there would be a family style ceasar salad brought out first, followed by several choices of pizza served directly out of the wood fired ovens and carried around the room to various tables to dole out slices. The salad was good, but could've benefited from some extra tangy parmesan on the table. The pizzas were also good and had interesting combinations such as eggplant; bar-b-que chicken with blue cheese; smoked salmon; cheeseburger; stuffed pizza with penne; sausage; pepperoni and cheese; fish and chips pizza; tomoato, mozzerella, and basil; and more. The slices were small and the crust was paper thin, so trying a number of different varieties was no problem and having a supply for the vegetarians and the meat lovers at the table was also no problem.
We skipped the rather involved desserts in favor of an early night.

The interior of The Edge is a lot of stone and colors to complement the stone. Our dining room was decorated with huge maps of coastal Maine (showing "the edge" of the state, no doubt) and had banquettes and very comfortable side chairs. Pizza night seems to be a favorite as the place was jumping. Its a casual night apparently, and diners were there in shorts and t-shirts. It really is done up very well. I have several friends who consider the restaurant to be their favorite place. It certainly deserves kudos.

Food: B+ (this is just for pizza night)
Atmosphere: A+
Wait staff: A lot of them to cater to your every need , and one in particular who is very sexy: A

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