Sunday, June 10, 2007

A lot of what I will write are just updated reviews or chronicles of our eating adventures around town and so the first place I'll start is a longer review of Seng Thai on Route 1 in East Belfast. I was told last night that I went out on a limb saying that Seng Thai was the best restaurant in Belfast, but you know, I think it is, just food wise. We had a discussion of the interior last night and decided that it is best to use their take out for your food, but then you do miss the incredible carved vegetable flower garnishes that Greg and I love so much.
While the interior leaves much to be desired and while the tables and old booths could use a good dose of will continue to eat in since its a 20 mile round trip for us to have dinner there.
The last time we went was Friday night when we went with a friend for a quick bite. Spicyness at Seng runs from one star to five stars. I've tried them all and I think 5 is too spicy for actually tasting the food, so we opt for four stars when we eat there. Our friend didn't want any spicyness in her food, but she was adventurous and dipped into the green curry sauce with her pad thai.
What can I say, but that the food is fabulous here and is so worthy of a stop just for their curry. The green curry is some of the best that I have had, a feeling shared by the hostess of another restaurant in town. The vegetables are fresh and the sauce is so tasty. It made me want to explore making Thai curry at home because I want to make it a staple in our house. I was so jealous that Greg's curry was so good!
I had a Thai salad with beef marinated in lemon juice and onions. It too was tasty and the beef was lean and tender. The incredible flavor of the lemon juice and the beef came through so well with the four star spice.
The pad Thai was sweet without the spicyness and was good on its own, but even better with a dip in the curry sauce.

To start we had crispy sweet potatoes and steamed chicken dumplings...neither should be missed when eating at Seng Thai.

A patron who arrived soon after we did summed it up when she said she had been craving Seng Thai all day and she quoted what they would eat from memory before they sat down....its that good.

Food is an A+
Atmosphere is a D
Friendliness of staff is an A+ Amy is great and so very friendly.



Thai Chat said...

A place to try so !

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back! I totally agree with you on Seng Thai. I drive all the way from Bangor to get a fix! They have an eggplant dish that is often on special that is out of this world. Love the pad thai, dumplings, and sweet potatos too!!!!