Sunday, June 25, 2006

Greg and I took a friend up on her offer of having us up to her house in Winter Harbor where she has a fantastic 19th century house built in the style of a Swiss Chalet. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and we hardly saw through the fog for two days. There is not much to do in wet weather in the middle of nowhere, so we drove around and looked at the fog in different places on the coast. The running commentary went something like this "This is Scoodic Point which has a stunning view of the ocean, too bad about the fog" "This is Winter Harbor, there are some beautiful boats in the harbor, which you could see if it wasn't foggy" "I'm giving the boys the third floor bedroom which has the best view of the water...of course you could see it without the %$#*# fog."
After driving around and around for miles, we came back, changed our clothes and went out to dinner in Gouldsboro at a place called Bunker's Wharf. The interior was really cozy with a big stone fireplace and cathedral ceilings with exposed beams. The menu had a lot of seafood, and just a few choices for us meateaters. Greg split a plate of crabcakes with our hostess and they were marvelling about the taste because it was just all crab and spices, packed together without breadcrumbs or mayo. Apparently the spinach salad is famous, but I had a ceasar salad with homemade crutons and hardly any dressing, it was extremely dry, kind of too bad.
Our dinners arrived and Greg had steamers while our hostess had carmelized scallops. Both said the taste was great but that both the scallops and the steamers were gritty. They need a lesson from David Carlson and his two tank grit remover!
For non seafood, there was either a fillet for $28.00 or a pasta dish with chicken and sausage and a cream cheese sauce both of which sounded too country club buffet for me that night. So, I ordered one of the dinner specials which was a pair of porterhouse pork chops grilled with fresh rosemary, accompanied by roasted potatos and fresh veggies. The dish looked fantastic and smelled terrific, but when I cut into them, both were raw on the inside. Yuck, nothing worse than raw pork! I sent the plate back and the chef apologized, grilled them again, b ut failed to warm up th plate so that the sides were cold. I was also a bit nervous to eat the meat at that point. Oh well.
We ordered their speical dessert when we ordered dinner, so what arrived was homemade ice cream sandwiched between two pieces of frozen flourless chocolate cake. It was good, but would have been better had the cake been a bit less frozen. I think ice cream between two slices of warm chocolate cake would've been better.

So, I give the place a thumbs up for seafood lovers, but a definite thumbs down for landfood lovers.


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