Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I've had a couple of comments on the roast chicken and the chicken curry salad, which I can't find on the blog either. The roaster we usually use is between a six and eight pounder, so its enough for dinner, at least lunch the next day and then into the pot for a great stock. I wait until the roasters go on sale and get them for about 68 cents a pound. So for 6-7 bucks you get three meals for 2 people or more.
I get the roasters with the pop up thermometers, but my rule of thumb is the average time for cooking is 2 hours. We also do the same thing with turkey breasts, which I'll get and pop in the oven in the morning so there is fresh hot turkey for lunch.

Regarding the curried chicken salad (or turkey salad for that matter) The ingredients really depend on what I have in the house. The base is picked chicken or turkey that I cut into small cubes with a pair of kitchen shears, and I make it in small batches, enough for two sammiches. then adding about a teaspoon or more of yellow madras curry powder, salt and pepper to taste and perhaps a dash of celery seed or celery salt. If I happen to have real celery, then that goes in and grapes taste great in it too. Another favorite would be an addition of toasted pecans. Its pretty simple and fast to make. It makes Greg's day when I make it, and of course thats the most important part!

Having people over tonight for dinner and thinking about doing something with crab for an appetizer. We'll see.


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