Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome to another episode of "cooking by the seat of your pants!" I found a recipe for pork chops that sounded excellent and tasty too. The recipe called for pan searing and slow cooking the pork in butter and when cooked, making a sauce with chicken broth, cranberry sauce, tawny port, and fresh rosemary. In my infinite wisdom, I thought "well, I don't have any of that, but I bet I can wing it" Call it cook's challenge. So, I marched into the kitchen and found two pork chops, frozen cranberry juice, Orange Cointreau, some fresh curried turkey broth that I just made, and dried rosemary. What the hell, I started out with melting the butter and then searing both sides of the pork for a couple of mintues a piece, then added about a cup of turkey broth, two tablespoons of frozen cranberry juice, about the same for the Orange Cointreau and a handfull of crushed, dried rosemary. I then slow cooked the meat until slightly underdone and then took it out the pan to keep warm on a plate (remember that pork keeps cooking and will be the perfect doneness by the time the sauce is ready) I added a rou to the pan for thickener and then salt and peppered for flavor. I added the chops back in to bathe in the glaze and then served with peas and stove top sauteed steak fries. The result, as Greg noted, was a lightly fruity (great for summer) zesty sauce that worked really well with the meat.


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